Breeding Value Estimation for Animal Breeding Programs


Breeding value estimation for Animal Breeding Programs

Product information

MiXBLUP is a modern genetic evaluation system for all breeding organizations. MiXBLUP offers the potential to accelerate genetic progress in your breeding population. MiXBLUP is fast, can cope with multiple traits and is able to analyze complex models.


30 days free trial license and commercial licenses
MiXBLUP software is now available to interested users. The software can be downloaded from this website in combination with an order for a 30 days free trial license. Also commercial licenses with support contract are available and can be ordered on this website.


MiXBLUP allows you to use more sophisticated models in estimation of breeding values for all animal species i.e. cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, horses and fish. MiXBLUP uses a state of the art solving algorithm. This ensures fast computation of estimated breeding values even if your evaluation model is complex and your livestock population is large. MiXBLUP can be used in practice for modern applications, such as random regression models, group selection, gene and marker assisted genetic evaluation and the use of genomic data.


MiXBLUP is developed by scientists of MTT Agrifood Research Finland and the Animal Breeding & Genomics Centre of Wageningen UR Livestock Research in the Netherlands.
Several commercial breeding organizations with poultry, pig and cattle breeding schemes have tested the breeding value estimation software. Subsequently IPG and Hendrix Genetics have implemented MiXBLUP into their breeding value estimation routines.


The user license includes support for installing the software and for software related problems. Extensive documentation on MiXBLUP is available on this site. For an additional service fee also individual support is available for issues related to setting up models.

Features MiXBLUP

  • Much quicker than other applications
  • Allows complex models
  • Suits all animal species
  • Handles large populations
  • Handles many traits in one run
  • Combines genotypic and phenotypic data
  • Has a user friendly interface
  • Is not limited by other software
  • Runs on Linux and Windows platforms
  • Includes professional support

Output MiXBLUP

  • Estimated Breeding values
  • Reliabilities for the estimated breeding values (based on method of Tier and Meyer 2004)
  • Solutions for all effects in the model

Possibilities MiXBLUP

  • Data and pedigree can contain numeric as well as alpha numeric data
  • Large datasets
  • Unlimited number of traits
  • Unlimited number of fixed and random effects
  • Sire models, animal models, phantom parent groups
  • Secondary random effects can be fitted: e.g. maternal genetic effects
  • Random Regression
  • Group selection
  • QTL-effects taken into account, also possible with IBD-matrix
  • Approximated reliabilities